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PaperBlazer offers a wide range of proofreading and editing services.  Since we proofread and edit 24/7, we help all kinds of writers, including students, researchers, novelists, professors, and lawyers.  Whatever your writing project, our professional editors are available to help.

Need help with grammar, syntax, organization, and other aspects of English writing?  We will proofread and edit any document within hours.

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Who Uses PaperBlazer?


If you want to be published, PaperBlazer will help.  Authors use PaperBlazer to review their manuscripts and provide feedback prior to sending to a publisher.  Other authors use PaperBlazer when self-publishing, so that a professional editor will proofread and edit the book before publishing.  We help writers with blog posts, training manuals, books and e-books, short stories, screenplays, magazine articles, drama scripts, and more.


Academic writing includes a wide variety of writing assignments and research papers.  Whatever you may be writing — such as a research paper, a literature review, a college application, a doctoral dissertation, a group project, a public speech, or a journal article — we can help.  We will provide you with thoughtful and professional feedback.  To learn more, click here.


Have a business document?  We can help with any document.  To give you an example, we have edited marketing materials for a laundry company, app descriptions for a computer programmer, personal letters for a lawyer, thank you notes for an art teacher, medical research for doctors, and much more.

Job Applicants & Employees

Applying for a new job?  Need to write an important letter or email to your employer?  Want a raise?  We help job applicants and employees with all of their professional writing. We edit cover letters, job applications, resignation letters, job acceptance letters, and much more!



Our experts proofread and edit your writing, and before you know it, you will receive an corrected version of your document. It’s fast and simple.  With PaperBlazer, you can improve your English writing in 12 hours or less.

If you need a fast, affordable proofreader, PaperBlazer provides the fastest proofreading service on the internet.  In terms of speed, we work 24/7365 days a year, so you receive a corrected document in no time. Your document will be quickly proofread and/or edited within hours.  

We help ESL students around the world.  Unlike other proofreaders, we have helped students from countries like China, South Korea, India, Japan, Cuba, Thailand, England, and beyond.  We know the challenge of writing in a secondary language, so our proofreaders fix all kinds of errors, not just some. We are the #1 choice for ESL proofreading and editing on the internet.
Whatever your writing project, we can help.  We specialize in essays, papers, resumes, dissertations, cover letters, and other writing assignments.  We proofread and edit whatever you need!  Best of all, since we have diverse experience with proofreading and editing, we can review your document quickly and offer a fast, speedy turnaround for you.

Not only do we help with papers and essays, but we proofread and edit all kinds of documents.   Our proofreaders will amaze you with speedquality, and accuracy.  We specialize in dissertations, novels, business plans, scientific research, journal articles, and more. So whether you need help with a thesis or starting a business, we can help.  Our editors have seen it all.

Best of all, because we are an online proofreader and provide our services online, you are able submit your paper wherever and whenever you’d like. There are no limits with our service.  Documents can be sent from anywhere, and we will return an edited document to you within hours. You never have to leave home to visit a tutor or a writing center. Try PaperBlazer to see why internet proofreading is convenient and effective!
Need affordable proofreading and editing?  We know how important cheap pricing can be for authors and students.  No one wants expensive costs for writing help. For that reason, we offer affordable proofreading and editing services to provide you with the best editing rates available on the internet.  Our editing rates are often 50% less than our competitors, and we are so confident that we dare you to compare! As a tip, when you compare proofreading and editing prices, also be sure that you are comparing fairly.  For example, for the same price as competitors, PaperBlazer offers more assistance and quicker turnaround speeds.  In general, we tend to be half the price of most competitors.
 At PaperBlazer, we recognize your individuality because you have a personal writing style.  Don’t waste money on an automated or computerized proofreader.  You need a professional proofreader and editor to review and improve your writing.  When you use our #1 proofreading service, you are guaranteed that a real, human proofreader correct your writing and offer personalized suggestions. Unlike other services, such as Grammarly, PaperBlazer does not use robots or automation.  We believe the writing requires  
 Our writing editors guarantee to improve your paper.  Equipped with graduate degrees in English, they carefully check your document for grammarspellingpunctuationcapitalization, and organization. If you want an experienced writer to review your writing, then PaperBlazer is your best choice for proofreading and editing. We make sure that an expert edits your document so that you receive high-quality corrections.  Rather than trusting family members or friends, who often lack experience, make sure to consult with writing experts who have taught college English, edited novels, reviewed dissertations, and much more. Trust your words with a professional.
Your own personal editor reads, reviews, and corrects your paper. Your writing is important and personal, and your work should not depend upon automated or computerized analysis. At PaperBlazer, we believe you and your words matter, so our proofreaders and editors give them our personal attention.  With Premium orders, for example, you can even ask follow-up questions if you have questions about one of our corrections.  We will do the best to answer your English questions, which is especially helpful for ESL students and foreign writers.


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