Composition Course (College-Level English)

College Writing Course

In this course, students will improve writing abilities, polish communication skills, and prepare for college.  Our unique online course is designed and taught by a college professor, who will provide detailed, personalized feedback on your assignments. In other words, you will learn what is expected of good college-level writing.


Why take this course?

  • Receive feedback on your writing from an actual college professor.
  • Preview content used in ENG 101 and/or ENG 102 courses.
  • Practice writing for different purposes and audiences.
  • Meet a writing expert who can assist you throughout your education.
  • Progress online at your own pace, unlike traditional in-person courses.
  • Improve your writing to save time and ensure better grades.


ESL composition course


Who should enroll?

  • High school students who are preparing for college.
  • Homeschoolers who want an outside perspective on their writing.
  • ESL students who need extra practice writing at the college level.
  • Applicants who want to practice for application or scholarship essays.
  • Adults who want to “test the waters” or prepare for going back to school.
  • Professionals who want to improve without the cost of credited courses.




  • Six packets of lecture notes
  • Six rubrics with professor feedback
  • Six corrected essays with comments
  • Exclusive collection of professor-recommended online resources
  • Six video lectures*
  • One free job, college, or scholarship application essay feedback*
  • 10% family discount on any orders during the course subscription*
  • Unlimited questions regarding any of the assigned essays*

*full course only

3-hour credit course (Wheaton College): $4,257

3-hour online course (Pennsylvania State University): $1,605


  1. Read the lecture notes.
  2. Watch the video lecture.
  3. Complete any of the optional exercises.
  4. Write the assigned essay.
  5. Submit your essay via the website.
  6. Review your grade and the professor’s comments.
  7. Ask any questions about your paper.
  8. Use your discount for any additional help.

This course provides an introduction to college-level English writing.  The assignments will be the same and/or similar to what you would experience in a college classroom, and the professor who leads the class will offer feedback that you would receive in college. Designed this way, the course (1) prepares you for your first college courses and (2) improves your writing prior to affecting your college GPA. In addition, this course can ready you for a CLEP exam to pass out of college composition courses, saving you time, money, and energy.

While we offer the basic course as a budget option, most students should select the full course, since it includes video lectures, extra feedback, and even a discount on other documents (for everyone in your family)!

The full course includes the following extra features beyond the basic course:

  • Six video lectures*
  • One free job, college, or scholarship application essay feedback*
  • 10% family discount on any orders during the course subscription*
  • Unlimited questions regarding any of the assigned essays*

Your essays are submitted through the website, so you never need to leave your home or pay for postage.  You will then receive a corrected essay, along with a rubric, delivered to you via email. Talk about convenient!

Most students will complete the course in 6 weeks.  However, because of the unique nature of this course, you can complete the course according to your schedule.  You can speed through the course in a few weeks or take up to a year.  (You can even take longer than a year, if you’d like, but at that point your course subscription will renew.)





Basic Course Lecture Notes & Professor Feedback (No Videos)


Per Year

Full Course Lecture Notes, Professor Feedback, Videos & more


Per Year



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